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Gary was born in Detroit and grew up on the east side of Michigan (Royal Oak and Troy). While attending college, he worked as a Union Boilermaker (Local 169) and worked all over Detroit and southeast Michigan. He graduated from Wayne State University with a B.S in Chemistry and took a job at the General Motors Research Labs studying the catalytic converter chemistry that oxidizes poisonous carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide that plants require to grow.
After 4 years at GM Gary moved to Austin, Texas to attend graduate school. Here he did his dissertation in a similar field as the work at GM, that is researching chemistry that occurs on the surface of platinum (the main active ingredient in catalytic converters) and for this work he earned a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin.
Other chemistry experiments Gary's wife helped him with in Austin resulted in their first child, a beautiful daughter, born 9 months before finishing his thesis and returning to Michigan. Their son was born a year and a half later in Michigan.
Gary returned to Michigan for a position at the Dow Chemical Company in Midland. At Dow he eventually was promoted to leader of the global Surface Analysis Team which provided materials surface characterization to projects all over the company. His work at Dow involved participating in and overseeing collaborative research projects with National Labs and with domestic and international academic researchers. He developed x-ray spectro-microscopy methods to understand new materials such as water purification membranes, solar cells, and higher efficiency pharmaceuticals.
Since retiring and moving to Kalamazoo, he obtained his Real Estate license and enjoys great satisfaction in helping homeless people find homes. As many other Michiganders, Gary was awakened one morning and realized just how badly the response to the pandemic, the 2020 election fraud, the Great Reset, our public school curricula and so many other government institutions have been compromised. Gary realized that our Governor had no idea what she was doing .. and was too proud to admit it and our state legislature appears to be corrupt or compromised.
Somebody had to do something. Gary realized that he was somebody and may just have to be that somebody. So he has raised his hand and is asking you to help elect him to be the representative to the Michigan state house from the 42nd district. He will work for the people and will be one of the people. He does not intend to make politics a career. Help Gary win so he can serve us.

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